An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navajo Language


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Authors: (Corporate) The Franciscan Fathers

Publisher: Max Breslauer, Graphische Kunstanstalten (Germany)

Pub Date: 1929

Binding: Hardcover

Condition:  Good.  This is a tricky one.  The hardcover binding is brand new, custom made.  The interior pages Fair.  No marks, tears.  Numerous folded corners to the pages only.  Edge wear.  I gotta say, this thing is now beautiful.  Talk about turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Notes:  Originally published in 1910 by The Franciscan Fathers, this edition is the 1929 reprint, printed in Germany.  This was originally a paperback that came to me in a collection, and I’ve had it custom “re-bound” in hardcover.  The paperback had no cover, but the contents were intact.  I asked my binder, Milagro Bookbinding ( ) to build a new binding for the book, which he did.  He also glued a binding strip to the old paperback spine, and added new endpapers.  This rebinding should give the book another hundred years (at least), unless the paper doesn’t hold up (who heard of archival paper in 1929?).  Includes an index.


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