Excavations at Snaketown IV: Reviews and Conclusions


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Author: Gladwin, Harold Sterling (1883-1983)

Publisher: Gila Pueblo

Pub Date: 1948

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Fair.  Binding tight.  Previous owner’s name stamped on upper front cover corner and upper corner title page.  Foot of spine chipped, missing approx. 1″ square piece, exposing signatures.  Head of spine worn.  As it typical with both Gila Pueblo and Amerind volumes all edges are chipped (they have those cover edges that overhang the text block–did they not think these were going to stand upright on a shelf?).

Notes: Medallion Papers No. XXXVIII  “During the years since 1937 two different schools of thought have developed in regard to the archaeology, and particularly the chronology of the development of the cultures below the Mogollon Rim.  On the one hand are Haury and Douglass…who have published opinions which tend to confirm the chronology for Snaketown as it was outlined in 1937, and who have received support from Martin …This group may be said to have taken the position that the original Snaketown chronology, of 300 B.C. to A. D. 1100, is approximately correct and has sought to reconcile this chronology with cultural developments to the east by defining new and earlier horizons in central Arizona and western New Mexico which may be equated with the early stage at Snaketown and so confirm the original dating.  On the other hand I believe that I am alone in taking an opposing point of view in the belief that the Snaketown chronology of 1937 must be shortened radically if the cultural development of the Hohokam is to be reconciled to that of other Southwestern peoples.”  (From the Introduction).  Douglass’s tree-ring dating methods cause a shakeup in the conclusions about Snaketown and the Hohokam.


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