Dolores Archaeological Program: Anasazi Communities at Dolores: Grass Mesa Village (2 volume set)


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Authors (Compilers): Lipe, William D.; Morris, James N.; and Kohler, Timothy A.

Publisher: Bureau of Reclamation

Pub Date: 1988

Binding: Paperback

Condition: 2 volume set.  Volume 1: Good.  Binding tight.  No marks, tears, bends or folds.  Appears untouched, unused.  Volume 2: Good.  Binding tight.  No marks, tears, bends or folds.  Light smudging to front cover.  Appears untouched, unused.  Contains microfiche in pocket at rear.

Notes: “The Grass Mesa site is less than 1 km upstream from the McPhee Dam…Grass Mesa Village appears to have the highest density of structures and artifacts and the greatest amount of superposition of structures and deposits.  The site was intensively occupied from the early A.D. 700’s to the very late A.D. 800’s or early 900’s. Its settlement history is accordingly quite complex, with evidence of several periods of occupation nearly everywhere on the site.” (from the Introduction).  SOLD AS A SET ONLY.


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