A History of Plumbate Ware (Pamphlet)


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Author: Dutton, Bertha P.  (1903-1994)

Publisher: Archaeological Institute of America

Pub Date: 1943

Binding: Paperback

Condition: 4 copies.  Copy 1 (DU): Good.  Stapled binding tight.  No tears, bends or folds.  One small pencil (?) mark on upper front cover near spine edge.  Some foxing to edges.  Copy 2 (DU): Fair.  Ex-library.  Library stamps on upper front cover edge, library label on lower front cover at spine edge.  Library card, envelope and label on inside rear cover.  One handwritten mark on front cover.  Stapled binding tight.  Some foxing to edges.  Copy 3 (DU): Good.  Stapled binding tight.  No teas, bends or folds.  One horizontal line (not pen or pencil) across front cover.  Sun-fading to rear cover at spine edge.  Copy 4 (DU): Fair to Good.  Stapled binding tight.  No tears.  Two hand written marks on front cover (not really indicative of library markings–maybe personal library?).  One small smudge to lower front cover.

Notes: Papers of the School of American Research.  Plumbate wear is typified by a glaze-like luster, caused by the reaction in the pottery slip of lead to heat.  Sylvanus Morley credited himself with the first description of the ware as “plumbate” thought there is no written record of such.  The ware was common in southern Mexico and Guatemala and was widely traded.


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