Pat Beckett 1941-2020

My friend Pat Beckett died November 20, 2020, in Las Cruces.  I first met Pat in 1995, as the sales manager for UNM Press, and then later that year at my first Pecos Conference.  When it came to Pecos I was square as a pool table and twice as green.  He helped cover my tables when the rains came, and gave me a life-long lesson,  “It always rains at Pecos.”  I’ve since tried to be that model for others when it came to Pecos, thanks to Pat.

Pat and I are Marines.  There is no past tense when it comes to the Corps.  You don’t join the Marines.  You become one.  We celebrated many Marine Corps birthdays together.  I will treasure those.

I’ve tried to be a bookseller in the footsteps of Pat Beckett.  Whether I succeed or fail at that goal is my customer’s decision, but I do my best to follow his example.

Semper Fidelis, Patricio.  I will miss you.

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