Twenty-Four Architectural Plans of Chan Chan, Peru: Structure and Form at the Capital of Chimor


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Authors: Moseley, Michael Edward and Mackey, Carol J.

Publisher: Peabody Museum Press

Pub Date: 1974

Binding: Boxed, in slipcase

Condition: Very Good.  1 General Plan of Chan Chan (see photo) plus 23 individual architectural plans,  as originally folded and numbered, probably untouched.  Slipcase has no tears, no edge or corner wear.  Title label has some pencil marks.  This whole package appears untouched.  Includes 12 page stapled introductory pamphlet.

Notes: Chan Chan was the capital of the Kingdom of Chimor, the largest political entity to contest the Inca.  The kingdom was conquered by the Inca about 1470 A.D., and by the time of the Spanish arrival  Chan Chan was in decline, no longer a political or population center.


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