The Hogan Builders of Colorado


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Authors: Huscher, Betty H. (1915-?)  and Huscher, Harold A. (1910-1994)

Publisher: J & L Reprint Co.

Pub Date: 1987

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Good.  Binding tight.  No marks, tears, bends or folds.  Very light edge and corner wear.   Appears unused.

Notes: Reprinted from Southwestern Lore, Volume 9, Number 2 of September, 1943.   J&L Reprints in Anthropology Volume  35.  This company, J&L Reprints (in business from 1976 to 1996), produced 48 really excellent reprints of classic archaeology and plains archaeology books, including Shabik’eschee Village (see ).   Betty Huscher was a co-worker of Hannah Marie Wormington’s at the Denver Museum of Natural History.  “Our survey contemplated: firstly, the identification of site types by surface survey, with particular attention paid to the location of ‘pure’ sites and sites from which stratified records might be obtained; secondly, the test excavation of selected examples of particular types to obtain representative artifact series; and thirdly, the comparison of the recovered material and material culture traits with published archaeological, ethnological, and historical records to establish the proper vertical and horizontal relationships.” (From the Foreword and Acknowledgements)  “There is no mystery about the structures themselves, since, with a few specialized exceptions, they may be identified as houses of the hogan type….The distribution of this type of ruin does coincide strikingly with known or postulated ranges of the Southern Athapaskan peoples of the historic period and the immediate prehistoric.”  (From Conclusions)


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