Prayer Sticks in Walls of Mummy Cave Tower, Canyon del Muerto


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Author: Morris, Earl H. (1889-1956)

Publisher: American Antiquity (reprint)

Pub Date: 1941

Binding: Paperback (pamphlet)

Condition: Fair.  Stapled binding tight.  One pencil mark on last page.  Long fold from top to bottom edges.  Approx. 6″ crease extending from spine edge to bottom.

Notes: Pamphlet.  Reprinted from American Antiquity, Volume 6, No. 3, January 1941.  VERY RARE.  No copies available for sale.  Apparently prayer sticks were a common feature (“widely distributed”) of Anasazi pueblo rooms–at Mesa Verde, Aztec Ruin, Pueblo Bonito, Canyon del Muerto, as well as Bear Creek and Johnson Caves in southwestern New Mexico.  We do the same thing today with religious iconography.


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