Paa-Ko, Archaeological Chronicle of an Indian Village in North Central New Mexico (with) The Physical Type of the Paa-Ko Population


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Authors: Lambert, Marjorie F. (1908-2006) and Rogers, Spencer E.  (1905-2000)

Publisher: School of American Research

Pub Date: 1954

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Fair.  Binding tight.  Lower front cover corner has approx. 3″ crease, extending through about the first half of the book.  Somebody dropped it on that corner.  Previous owner’s name in ink on upper front cover corner and stamped (with number) on title page.  What looks like ink (from a stamp pad?) on rear cover, from top edge to about halfway down the cover.  It doesn’t block any text, it’s just a fault.  Smudging to front cover.  Edge and corner wear.

Notes: School of American Research Monograph 19, Parts I-V.  Rogers wrote Part VI “The Physical Type of the Paa-Ko Population”.  “Paa-ko was colonized by a north central New Mexico Anasazi people probably related linguistically to inhabitants of the Galisteo Basin slightly to the northeast of this site…The main portion of the early occupation stems from about the beginning of the Fourteenth Century…” (From Part One).  Original printing 500 copies.


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